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Expensive legislation pending in Sacramento

Uploaded: May 5, 2015
The Democrats in the state Legislature are preparing to double down on some very expensive programs.
Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order that greatly increases the state's goal for reducing so-called "dangerous carbon emissions" or greenhouse gases. Among these dangerous gases is the carbon dioxide that you and I exhale and plants need to grow.
The new target is 40 percent below the 1990 level. The new order builds upon what the governor said when he was inaugurated for his fourth term in January. It continues the "legacy" of former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger who signed AB 32, the initial formal response from California to the so-called global warming, of late going by the new label of climate change.
There already are several bills pending in the Legislature concerning various measures to deal with climate change. The governor's action will empower the Democrats backing these measures to push the boundaries even farther regardless of their impact upon the economy. Californians, thanks to the deposed Gov. Gray Davis and global warming policies that mandate renewable energy resources, already pay electrical rates that are way above the national average.
Brown's order, like many issued by the president, will extend additional power to the unaccountable government agencies to develop their own policies to implement the orders. Check out the Environmental Protection Agency at the federal level for prime example as bureaucrats and in the White House try to stamp out coal-fired power in the United States.
The second area that Democrats likely will push—despite the immense costs and questionable legality—is extending MediCal to cover illegal immigrants?. That's right, the Dems have pending legislation to extend the state's safety net for poor people to those here illegally.
Just where this fits into the rule of law that is a foundation of our republic is open to question.
Richard Lara (D-Bell Gardens) has introduced SB 4 that would extend MediCal coverage to the state's estimated 2.5 million illegal immigrants. There are many variables depending upon court decisions on the federal ObamaCare and how those effect MediCal reimbursements.
The taxpayer tab could range from $175 million to $740 million depending upon whether the president's executive order providing amnesty to five million illegal immigrants is determined by the courts to be valid.
If the bill becomes law, it will sharply increase the demand upon what is already a shortage of physicians who will serve MediCal patients. MediCal's reimbursements for services already are so low that many physician practices will not see them and the potential law will exacerbate an already bad situation.
Lara's bill is one of a number of Democrat-introduced measures in the Legislature dealing with illegal immigrants. Last year, the governor signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses.
Again, I ask, where is the rule of law that deals with the violation of our country's borders?
What is it worth to you?


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