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Farmers' Market reopens Saturday and golfing solo is now OK

Uploaded: May 5, 2020
Life will never be the same, but there are some steps back toward regular activities this week after the Alameda County Health Dept. modified its earlier order effective May 4 while extending the stay home order until the end of May.

Pleasanton City Manager Nelson Fialho, responding to an email I sent, wrote that the Farmer’s Market downtown will reopen Saturday with significant modifications. The market will be on one side of Angela Street only and then go into the city’s parking lot behind the Sidetrack restaurant. It will run the length of that parking lot, again on one side.

Vendors will have to comply with social distancing and wear masks plus other sanitation requirements. It’s possible that vendors will bag and hand produce to customers instead of people picking over the tomatoes to select the ones they want. Samples likely will not be offered and both customers and vendors will have to observe social distancing.
I saw some of that first-hand when I dropped by an ATM at my bank and noted that employees were outside the front door and metering people into the branch.

The other good news from Nelson is that the city’s golf course, Callippe Preserve, will reopen Wednesday—again with major changes. Play will be limited to Pleasanton residents and will be a single player per tee time unless people live together.

There will be no golf carts or push carts—something that will certainly limit play on the hilly back nine with its elevation gain. You’ve got to be in good shape to walk the back nine.

The same goes for Dublin Ranch and Las Positas that reopened Monday. All tees, ball washers and rakes have been removed from the courses and players are instructed not to touch the flag stick that will remain in the hole at all times. Walking Dublin Ranch, which is a shorter course, still involves lots of up and down, but is more doable. Walking Las Positas is much less challenging.

For challenge, the Course at Wente Vineyards is re-opening Wednesday with no carts and play limited to members of its Proprietor’s Club.

Golfers are going to be delighted to be back on the course, but, given the virus and its effects, the delightful social aspect of golf is going to be missing. Players are supposed to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their pre-paid tee times (or pay onsite with a credit card—no cash accepted) and then depart immediately after their round. And solo golfing will be more akin to running than the banter that normally accompanies a round.

Castlewood Country Club re-opened Monday and the valley course was crowded in the afternoon with players grouped in twosomes, threesomes and foursomes with some people using golf carts. Driving range stations at the practice areas are spaced 10 feet apart and balls will be sanitized. Similar precautions are in effect at the Pleasanton Golf Center.

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Posted by Claudette McDermott, a resident of Del Prado,
on May 6, 2020 at 10:37 am

Claudette McDermott is a registered user.

At first I was enraged when I saw the headlines that the Farmers Market was opening, but after reading the column, I see that they are reconfiguring the layout, and hopefully all will comply and NOT TOUCH the products. I hope this will be done with supervision placed along the way. How about face masks for the community, as if you were in a grocery store?

In my opinion, this is something we must all consider. We need to ask ourselves, if it is necessary when we leave our homes, at this time.

I think you will be exposing the vendors and each other if you don't comply with face masks for EVERYONE attending. The last tests that were taken to see how far the droplets and spray, is up to possibly 12 feet or more (a cough, sneeze...). It continues to linger in the air or catch a ride on the breeze. Please be respectful and considerate to the people around you. This is allergy season and sneezing is pretty common.

I believe that the economy needs to ramp up, but at what cost to lives. Is this the right time when tests and answers to many questions, as to what is working, has not been answered?

Please be cautious because the life you expose to this virus, that knows no age, race or fitness, may be someone you love. You may take home more than what you bargained for. Is it worth it?

Deaths are still occurring in the Alameda county. We are still not able to get tested if we want the test, without any requirements? Testing is still just for those that are symptomatic or over the age of 65.

When tests are available for everyone no matter what, that will be the time to see if it's safe to go out and about.

Posted by Wombat, a resident of Downtown,
on May 6, 2020 at 12:13 pm

@Claudette McDermott wrote "I believe that the economy needs to ramp up, but at what cost to lives."

Claudette, have you considered the other side of the ledger and estimated how many lives are being devastated and lost to suicides on the other side of the ledger? Over 30 million people have lost their jobs, and many of those people have undoubtedly been evicted from their apartments and homes as a result. Many people are in a state of depression with no hope of getting another job in this economy, and there will be no apparent end to the downturn in the jobs market with all the talk about significant business restrictions remaining in place for at least the next year or two.

Have you considered the plight of those 30 million now unemployed people and their families? What do you think of the cost in lives if the economy does not ramp up?

Posted by Rob, a resident of Birdland,
on May 7, 2020 at 9:45 am


Your opinion is unfounded. There are no evictions in CA, through May, residential or commercial, by order of the governor, over two months ago. Further, the state unemployment program has been greatly expanded, plus there is a separate unemployment program regulated by the state, but funded by the Treasury dept. Try and be informed before posting to avoid spreading fake news. Thanks.

Posted by Wombat, a resident of Birdland,
on May 7, 2020 at 5:43 pm

@Rob wrote "Your opinion is unfounded. There are no evictions in CA, through May, residential or commercial, by order of the governor, over two months ago. "

I wasn't referring to just California for evictions any more than I was referring to just California when I mentioned the 30 million newly unemployed. And, yes, people are being evicted in this country due to job loss as a result of coronavirus.

"Try and be informed before posting to avoid spreading fake news. Thanks."

LOL! Looks like I put you back in your place, huh? You flunked Reading Comprehension 101. Here's a hanky to wipe the egg off your face. And remember to come better prepared the next time you want to tangle with a Wombat.

Posted by Sue, a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood,
on May 7, 2020 at 10:53 pm

Claudette, testing does not stop this virus. Bankruptcies do not stop the virus. Shopping at only some retail and not others does not stop the virus. The risk is the same no matter where you go. You can diminish your risk by wearing a mask and gloves and social distancing. By the way, you are at risk of hepatitis b, ecoli, and listeria as well, but you still eat food I presume?

Posted by Mike, a resident of another community,
on May 9, 2020 at 7:46 am

Face masks are required for vendors and customers. Maybe the author felt it was obvious so didn't put it in the post? I found this and more information on the Mercury News website.

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