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By John A. Barry And Bill Carmel

Danville Artist Exhibits in Madrid

Uploaded: Aug 12, 2011

The exhibit Arte + Fe is being held at the Pons Foundation in Madrid on the occasion of World Youth Day and offers a look at Christian contemporary works of artists from around the world whose common goal is to have art serve as a bridge to faith. The exhibit runs through August 26. For more information, visit:


One of the exhibitors is Danville's own Kevin Davidson, who is showing his "stained glass" Crucifixion. A highlight of the show is a visit by the Pope.

Kevin sent the following dispatch from Madrid:

Madrid is incredible. This city not only is surrounded by art but the city itself is art! Art is celebrated here on almost every corner, and artists are viewed the way athletes are in the U.S.

The art reception was spectacular, and it felt as if the venue were a museum. I think it was actually an embassy at one point. In general, the piece exhibited, including mine, were very modern. There were about four other oil-on-canvas works. The multimedia pieces were weird, and I mean some weird and wild stuff! Represented were artists from Danville (yours truly) to Germany to Holland.

At the reception, some Spanish media were there. We happened to arrive when the curator saw me and brought me to my painting; the media was surrounding me, taking pictures and video for the news. I was surprised and horrified at the same time. After she spoke, I briefly described the piece, and then some reporters asked me some questions, among which was, "Where is all the blood? We like blood in Spain." Bullfighting is a blood sport, after all.

Arte + Fe is one of several exhibits concurrent with World Youth Day.


John A. Barry is a writer and avocational artist. To share anything art-related, call him at 314-9528 or email jobarry@pacbell.net


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