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By Tim Hunt

Pivotal Pleasanton election in 2012

Uploaded: Jan 5, 2012

Happy New Year.
Long after I posted the Tuesday's blog, I realized that I'd jumped right into commentary without saying properly saying hello.
That written, 2012 promises to be a fascinating political year both nationally and in Pleasanton. With Iowa behind us and New Hampshire lurking, it remains stunning just how much impact two tiny states (120,000 voters in Iowa) can have in determining who will face President Barack Obama in November.
The Pleasanton City Council likely will have a number of new faces after the November election. Mayor Jennifer Hosterman and council members Cindy McGovern and Matt Sullivan all are termed out. Either Cindy or Matt could decide to run for mayor if they want to remain in public service.
There will be plenty of company in that race as second-term council members Jerry Thorne and Cheryl Cook-Kallio already have declared their intention to run for mayor. Jerry announced last fall and actually held a kickoff in October more than a year before the election, prompting Cheryl to also step forward with her plans.
For either one, the open mayor seat offers the chance to step into that role or be termed out two years later.
The current council is starting its sixth year of serving together although members have been sharply divided on some issues with McGovern and Sullivan often in the minority.
Stay tuned to see what will play out over the next 11 months because this election has the possibility of shifting the political landscape in Pleasanton or continuing the current path.
In the meantime, political junkies can pay attention to the Republican presidential race on the national scene until things get serious again locally in the spring and summer.