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By Tim Hunt

Sprinting through life

Uploaded: Dec 6, 2012

Millions of dollars and many, many hours have been spent to teach people how to use their time effectively.
Former Blue Angels squadron leader George Dom brings a totally different take to the question of how you use your time. Dom retired from the Navy after leading both the Blue Angels and a fighter wing on the USS John F. Kennedy (to say nothing of being an instructor at the Navy's Top Gun school). He's now a motivational speaker, business coach and a consultant helping wealthy folks purchase private jets wisely.
He contends that its energy management that is the critical factor, not simply hours in a day.
Speaking to the "Finishing Well" group of Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, Dom expounded on utilizing your energy wisely.
Dom pointed out the major stressors that effect so many of us--expectations to do more with less—all the time; fatigue, disconnected personal and professional lives, feeling like there's never enough time to tackle an imposing "to do list."
Working with the Human Performance Institute and studying high caliber athletes, Dom and his colleagues say managing your energy is the key to extraordinary results. That means being laser focused, driven by your core values and taking care of your body.
With focus being critical, Dom points out that multi-tasking effectively is a myth. It's simple—for peak performance, focusing on one task is the starting point.
He also says that the story we tell ourselves—what goes on in our brain all the time—is also crucial. Positive messages—whether we're hitting a golf shot or working on a key report—is vital.
So, when it comes to time and managing it, he says we perform best when we sprint at high energy for an hour on a project and then relax so the batteries recharge and then sprint again. That pattern allows for recovery and then peak performance across the day.
To get better—to grow—requires pushing our limits in the sprints in the same way that weight training stresses our muscles to grow stronger. The stress that creates discomfort provides the opportunity for growth.
Dom believes that business people can train themselves to perform better just like athletes do.
For more information about Dom, you can check out the web site at: www.corporateathlete.com.


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