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Roll 'Em

Uploaded: Aug 25, 2013

Art In the Park is near; the annual event takes place in San Ramon's Central Park the weekend of October 5-6, at the corner of Bollinger Canyon Road and Alcosta Blvd. The event's purpose is raise Funds for cultural art programs in San Ramon schools. More than 80 artists will participate, including yours truly.

I will be doing a trAction Painting demonstration. In this type of performance/process art, I employ bicycles ("bainting"), inline skates ("skainting") and other wheeled conveyances to lay down layers of paint on 12 x 26 feet of canvas stretched out on parking lot. After depositing each layer, I allow it to dry before moving on to the next. When I have finished, I will separate the canvas into an 8 x 14 diptych, two 9 x 12 paintings, and two 5 x 6's done separately.

Preparation for the performance begins in earnest when I return from traveling on September 4. At that time I will provide more details, and I hope to blog about the event during the course of the weekend.

For more details about Art In the Park, contact: Shelley Barry: 925-683-4804 or [email protected] or Roseann Chamard: 925-699-4256 or [email protected]

John A. Barry is a writer and performance artist. To comment or pitch a story idea: 925-918-7882 or [email protected]


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