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By Chandrama Anderson

Time Change

Uploaded: Mar 7, 2014

We're getting an extra hour of daylight, starting on Sunday. I do not want you to work for another hour a day. I want you to spend time with your beloved (without devices). Go for a walk or bike ride, have a meal together, play cards or a game, listen to music, sit on the couch and cuddle, have sex, bake cookies., go to the beach, hold hands, talk, share . . . whatever makes you feel connected.

We all need love and secure attachment. We're biologically wired for it. Make time for it. Sure, something else won't get done. But something else won't get done anyway.

Please don't let your relationship drift away, relegated to the bottom of your priority list. The world will not come to an end while you care for yourself and one another.

It might feel strange at first to s l o w d o w n. You might have thoughts or feelings that are unsettling. It's okay, feelings are like road signs -- they are there to let us know there's something we need to attend to. We don't park our car under the "Yield" sign; that will cause a crash. Once we address the feeling, it too shall pass.

Enjoy your time together. When you're 85 or so, you won't look back on your life with the regret that you missed out on one another.