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By John A. Barry And Bill Carmel

trAction Painting Summer Camp

Uploaded: Jul 23, 2014

In the nearly three years since I created trAction Painting, my works have been solo efforts, with much appreciated help from assistants. Employing bikes, skates, scooters, walker, and skate wheels as my ?brushes,? I have made paintings ranging in size from 12 x 16 inches to 30 x 15 feet.

For part of that time, a colleague and I have been developing a multidisciplinary curriculum using trAction Painting as a foundation. Next week brings our first proof of concept, when we conduct a 4-day summer camp in East County. We will direct a group of elementary-school kids in producing a 12 x 7-foot canvas, employing the tools noted above, as well as others with wheels. During the project we will relate the process to elements of science and math (viscosity/flow, geometry, for example), kinesiology, and others. We will ask students to keep visual and written journals over the course of the project.

I?m looking forward to this event and plan to keep a running account of our progress in this blog.