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By Tom Cushing

Indiana Bakery: On-line Customer Application

Uploaded: Apr 10, 2015

The Hoosier Daddy, a Cakery for discriminating tastes

On-Line Customer Convenience Application (PCs only ? does not work on a Mac)


Years at this address:______

Seriously, who IS your Daddy: _________

o Birthday
o Wedding, number: ___men ___ women (if either number > 1, stop now)
o Holiday:
o Notre Dame bowl game
o Easter
o Indy 500
o Ara Parseghian birthday
o July 4th
o Martin Luther Day
o Thanksgiving
o Christmas
o Other (explain below)
o Anniversary ___ years of traditionally wedded bliss. Names on cake: (if either is gender-neutral, please attach photo(s))

o Dance: o Square o Other (explain below)

o Potluck Dinner: church location
o Baptist 1st 2nd 3rd
o Lutheran
o Methodist
o Other Protestant (specify) _______________________________
o Other (try to explain below)

Complete the following sentence: "On the banks of the ____________, far away."

Flavor: o vanilla o Other (explain below)

Frosting: o vanilla o Other (explain below)

Larry Bird: the _____ from _____ _____ (if town name humorous, do not explain below).

Sprinkles: o Red o Orange o Yellow o Green o Blue (indigo, violet, pink: unavailable)

Shape: o square o rectangle o basketball (round) o (triangle unavailable)

Cake Layers: 1 2 3 (don't even think about it)

Cake toppers o Indy car o tractor o pastoral o tornado o (unavailable )

Cake stir-ins: o chocolate chips o M&Ms o corn

Greatest Movie Ever: o Hoosiers o Breaking Away o Music Man o Knute Rockne, All-American

Worst Movie Ever: o Kinsey o In and Out o A League of Their Own o Jackson 5: An American Dream

Preferred delivery pickup: o Ford o Chevy o Studebaker o Duesenberg

Greatest Statesman: o Wm. Henry Harrison o Dan Quayle o David Letterman o Bobby Knight

Indiana football wins vs. Michigan, since 1960: 0 1 2 (if > 1, explain delusion below)

Please provide complete, grammatically correct explanations below, along with a ministerial reference, for verification. Allow 48 hours for review of your application.

Thank you ever so much for your reply! We may look forward to possibly serving you! Please visit our other location, at