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By Tim Hunt

Kate's murder has Pleasanton in national news

Uploaded: Jul 16, 2015

Pleasanton has been in the national news since Kate Steinle was murdered on a San Francisco pier while she walked with her dad, Jim.

As some commenters on the Weekly's coverage have observed, where is the White House? That question is being asked lots on Fox News. Her murder coupled with Donald Trump's comments have put illegal immigration back in the headlines.

Why has the White House been silent when President Obama spoke out after the deaths of black men as a result of police action that sparked riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo.? An aside: the firing of former Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake --- as crime rates have soared was predictable—after all, she could not fire herself and she's the one who gave the free pass to rioters destroying property.

The president's silence is understandable—he has nothing to gain by speaking into a situation that demonstrates his policies are failing. The contrast is sharp—no comment or contact with the Steinle family, but he has the time to hand-write letters to felons serving time for drug offenses and the visit them in prison.

It's way past time to crack down on the so-called sanctuary cities. Why is it that some 300 jurisdictions across the country can thumb their noses at the federal government when it comes to immigration policy, but then expect same-sex marriage to be the law of the land?

It will be interested to see how far Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly's campaign for mandatory five-year sentences for repeat illegal immigrants will fare in Congress.

It's remarkable to contrast the violence in Ferguson and Baltimore with the calm of residents of Charlotte after nine Black people were murdered during their weekly Bible study in their church. A 21-year-old white man is charged with the murders and the FBI director has said there was a major error when he was allowed to buy a gun.

The families' willingness to forgive him during the first church appearance stands as a shining testament to God's grace and the call he has on his followers. Our natural human reaction would be to seek justice or revenge for such a senseless act that robbed nine people of their lives. They believed, as do I, that God has them firmly in His hand, but that does not replace them for friends and family.
Their willingness to forgive sent a powerful message to anyone who was paying attention.