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By Roz Rogoff

Bidding DSRSD Goodbye

Uploaded: Oct 9, 2015

Last Tuesday night I went to the Dublin San Ramon Services District to be interviewed for the open seat left by Dawn Benson's resignation. Benson resigned as a Director of the District to apply for a promotional opportunity with the District. She apparently wasn't hired because her name was on the list of applicants for the open seat. I was surprised by that, and asked why she wasn't reappointed, but she had to go through the same process as the rest of the applicants.

I recognized the name of one of the other applicants, Madelyne Misheloff, but not in relation to DSRSD. She's the mother of Ilene Misheloff, who was kidnapped 26 years ago, as a teenager walking home from school in Dublin. The Misheloff's take the same walk every year to keep the vigil for Ilene's return. The recent rescue of Jaycee Dugard after being missing for 18 years gave the Misheloff's some hope. I hope their story has a happy ending too.

The other applicant, Dr. Alan Kilpatrick, Ph.D., is unfamiliar to me. He was seated at the other end of the table where we were interviewed. I did not see Dawn Benson there. She filed an application but did not come out for the interview. I was disappointed because I like Dawn and thought she would probably be re-appointed.

I forgot to wear or bring my hearing aids, so I could not hear the candidate's answers to the Board's questions, or even the Board Member's questions at times. After an-hour of asking the Board Members to repeat their questions, I thought "What am I doing here? I don't need this anymore?" What was even worse was I felt I couldn't do it anymore, and I said so.

"I applied because I thought that flaky guy who ran a few years ago might be back, and I wanted to give you an alternative." I waved my hand over to the two candidates to my left, "You have two very qualified candidates here, so you should appoint one of them."

It made me sad to drop out in the middle of the interviews. It still does, but I did not have any chance of being appointed at that point. I just don't feel up to serving as a Director now. I would have been good five years ago, the last time I ran, or even three years ago, the last time I interviewed to fill a vacancy, but not now. I missed my chance.

Maddi Misheloff was selected with three votes out of four. Director Halket voted for Kilpatrick. Director Pat Howard joked he was going to vote for me but I'm glad he didn't. He voted for Misheloff and she is an excellent choice. She was sworn in after the interviews and took her seat on the dais. I wish her the best of luck on the District and finding her daughter.

I haven't driven through any store windows yet. I hope to keep from confusing the gas and the brake peddles, but I am not giving up driving. I drive less now and I try not to drive after dark. I'll be visiting my mother in Maine next year and plan to put a deposit on an apartment in her retirement home. I'm ready for it now.