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Uploaded: Apr 23, 2016

“I visit this blog first time and inspire by this good stuff work. Incredible post keeps up posting such great information. If you like to travel then you can use munnar call taxi for a trust worthy travel.”

This incoherent word (rather, a term that rhymes with word) salad appeared recently as a “comment” one of my posts. A URL, which I assume would garner malware should I be foolish enough to open it, was appended.

My blogs have been hit by this and other online parasites phishing/pushing some scam or another. Nothing I can do except report these polluting posts as “objectionable content” and then hide the drivel from view or delete it..

Anyway, I’m curious as to whether these scum are hitting other blogs on danvillesanramon. If your blog has been smeared by this digital dreck, let me know. More important, let danvillesanroman know.