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By John A. Barry And Bill Carmel

The Art of Protest Placards

Uploaded: Jan 21, 2017

Protest signs run the gamut, from predictably prosaic to inspired.

Protests signs can generally be categorized thus:

• X is thus
• X will do thus
• X is [substitute epithet here
• X [insert nearly any anti-X statement/phrase here

I recently attended the Oakland edition of the Womens March, on January 21. As I moved slowly through the estimated 100K participants, I had the opportunity to see a lot of signs.

Plenty in the aofremtnioned categories on display. But I was more interested in the wit and artistry that went into the making of these signs Because of the huge volume of sentiments displayed, I could sample only a small number. But the following are some of my favorites, as manifested either in words or graphics (in almost all instances, captions are pretty much superfluous, even though all involve words).

So let’s start with words.

Yes, they do.

Turning a cliché on its head.

Ah, English. So may significations for a 5-letter word.

No solamente inglés.

A message to Trump’s patron.

A 3D picture is worth a thousand words.