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By Tim Hunt

Blurring the rights of citizenship

Uploaded: Sep 4, 2018

The Democrat party’s embrace of illegal aliens continues to grow. Consider a bill passed by the Legislature that would allow illegal immigrants to serve in some appointed state offices.
Sen. Richard Lara authored the bill and claimed it would make for better policies if a wider range of people are heard from. It passed the Senate 26-11. The illegals would be eligible to serve on non-paid boards and commission. The bill moved to the governor’s desk.
Two years ago, San Francisco residents opened the door to non-citizens voting when they passed a measure allowing illegal immigrants with children under the age of 19 to register to vote. They have been eligible to register this summer and can vote in the school board election in November.
This from a party that steadfastly opposes requiring voters to show identification when voting.
The Democrats conveniently ignore the fact that the immigrants are here illegally and have broken the law.
Last month, Gov. Brown signed another bill favoring illegal aliens. Authored by Democrat Jose Medina, the legislation allows illegal aliens to serve on school committees. If a student qualifies for in-state tuition they can participate on school boards and commissions regardless of their age or documents. The bill contained an urgency clause, so it took effect immediately.
The continuing drive by the Democrats—remember Brown also signed the bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses—seems designed to eliminate the rights and responsibilities that go with citizenship.
We enjoyed last week at South Lake Tahoe after the crowds dropped because school has started in many communities. We returned on Saturday and were very pleased we were not headed the other direction—there was plenty of traffic on Highway 88. We choose 88 both for its scenery and to stop at the famed Lockford Sausage Co.
Typically, we have stopped there during ski season and it rarely has been busy. Reading on Yelp and other platforms I learned there could be a crowd. We stopped late in the afternoon on the way to the Lake and it was a 20-minute wait with four people standing outside the door.
When we returned on Sept. 1, WOW. The line wound around the block. I guessed, as I decided to skip it this time, that it would have a more than an hour wait given my earlier experience. The sausage—typically a treat at street fairs—is excellent at a fair price, but not that good. We opted for a roadside fruit stand instead.
If you’re headed for Lake Tahoe or Truckee for some late summer golf, one heads-up. The seasons are starting to change. Both the Lake Tahoe Golf Club and Edgewood had morning frost holds while we were there. The Friday we played Edgewood, those teeing of in the prime time of 8:30 a.m. would be facing 46-degree temperatures. Our early afternoon tee time was perfect in the low 70s with a light breeze.
We played with an Edgewood member who has homes in Folsom and South Lake Tahoe. He was looking forward to the next six weeks when vacationers are gone, and he will have the golf course to himself any afternoon.