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By Sherry Listgarten

Back in the saddle

Uploaded: Aug 15, 2021

Hey readers! I’m excited to let you know that this blog will be starting up again next Sunday after a summer hiatus. Since my last post, we’ve experienced several compelling months that have demonstrated what climate change can mean for us. How do you want to respond? Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe recently wrote an op-ed for Time Magazine about how action inspires hope, and I strongly agree with that. So I’ll be featuring ways that you can take action along with discussions about relevant issues, ideally with a local slant.

My (very long) list of topics includes:
- Lawn alternatives
- What environmentally-conscious local teens are doing
- Geothermal energy for residential buildings
- How to save on residential water use
- Local price gouging on heat pump water heaters
- Yard design with native plants
- Smart meters
- Are we willing to make lifestyle tradeoffs for climate
- Building a career as an electrician or HVAC expert
- Renewable diesel
- Reliability of fast chargers

Please let me know if you would like to be featured in any of the above (or have someone to suggest), or if you have other topics you are eager to read more about.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to starting up the conversation next week!

Current Climate Data (July 2021)
I’m going to skip the usual links here this month because we are all unfortunately seeing first-hand the impact of climate change on the planet, with widespread fires, drought, and heat. If you are doubtful that these record-breaking events are a direct impact of climate change, as outlined in the recent IPCC report (some with “high confidence”, others with “medium confidence”), then take a look at this excellent Vox article on the quickly evolving science of attribution.

Okay, I lied, here is one of the “usual” links. July 2021 was Earth’s hottest month in the past 142 years of record-keeping.

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