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Newsom recall polls now are within the margin of error

California Democrat party leaders thought they were enhancing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s chances to beat the recall when they passed special legislation and then...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Aug. 3, 2021
Last comment by Malcolm+Hex, on Aug 8, 2021 at 10:01 am | 8 comments | 4897 Views


Relationship with faith

Over the past year, I’ve been working with various religious and secular institutions on making sure their values are reflected in local public policy. I myself...

Original post made by Monith Ilavarasan on Mar. 23, 2022
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All Madden is an insightful look at John Madden's career

If you remember the golden age of the Oakland Raiders when John Madden was coaching the team, find a replay of All Madden that ran Christmas Day on Fox. I recorded...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Dec. 28, 2021
Last comment by Pete, on Jan 8, 2022 at 5:39 pm | 2 comments | 4887 Views


Bay Area plan includes guaranteed income provision

The heavy hand of regional government is about to come down on the Bay Area again. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is expected to approve its state-mandated...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Oct. 21, 2021
Last comment by Malcolm Hex, on Oct 22, 2021 at 10:15 am | 13 comments | 4884 Views


The Ballad of Andy and Rocky

The Ballad of Andy and Rocky Uploaded: Jul 2, 2020 By Bill Carmel, MFA This blog entry memorializes the recent painting of a mural for the Lamorinda Arts...

Original post made by John A. Barry and Bill Carmel on Jul. 11, 2020
Last comment by Elizabeth Hopkins-Kurz, on Jul 28, 2020 at 10:33 am | 7 comments | 4883 Views


“Together, they were screwing this conversation up . . .

. . . faster than it was taking to have it.” My clients often question/comment on the amount of time it takes to communicate better. I always tell them the...

Original post made by Chandrama Anderson on Feb. 25, 2023
There are no comments yet. 4857 Views


College Profile: Tell Me More About UC-Berkeley

Many schools are compared to Harvard, among them the University of California-Berkeley (UC-Berkeley), fondly known as “Cal.” The first institution of...

Original post made by Elizabeth LaScala on Aug. 26, 2022
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Searching for a way to live where you work

Over the past year of advocating for affordable housing I met Heather (I changed her name at her request for privacy protection). Heather has been a Pleasanton resident...

Original post made by Monith Ilavarasan on May. 4, 2022
There are no comments yet. 4832 Views


A seat at the table

The quest to make nutritious food available to all public school students for free is a laudable idea, but some students say the school-provided food isn’t...

Original post made by Gina Channell Wilcox on May. 18, 2022
Last comment by Michael Austin , on May 18, 2022 at 5:44 pm | 1 comment | 4831 Views


Should big rigs be allowed on I-580 through Oakland?

Supervisor Nate Miley will conduct an important public meeting by Zoom this evening. It will focus on tractor-trailer traffic on Interstates 580 and 880. The big...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Dec. 16, 2021
Last comment by Dirk Svensen, on Dec 18, 2021 at 12:52 pm | 3 comments | 4830 Views


Custom license plates to fund mental health services for students

Teen-aged girls suffered mightily during the government-imposed shutdowns to limit the spread of COVID-19. A study released earlier this month showed that emergency...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Jun. 22, 2021
Last comment by Sean, on Jun 22, 2021 at 10:10 am | 1 comment | 4829 Views


Finishing the snapshots of Tri-Valley gamechangers

I’m wrapping up the coverage of the Gamechangers celebrated by the Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group earlier this month with its first in-person event in...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Mar. 31, 2022
Last comment by Kevin, on Apr 2, 2022 at 2:26 pm | 1 comment | 4820 Views


Does Applying to More Highly Selective Schools Increase Your Chance of Getting Admitted?

My colleagues and I were looking for a statistical explanation to help explain to parents why you do not increase the odds of admission to a more selective school...

Original post made by Elizabeth LaScala on Jun. 23, 2022
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How would you go about reducing our residential building emissions?

Two weeks ago, members of the Palo Alto Student Climate Coalition and 350 Silicon Valley spoke to Palo Alto’s City Council...

Original post made by Sherry Listgarten on Aug. 20, 2023
Last comment by Eddie, on Sep 2, 2023 at 6:47 pm | 14 comments | 4805 Views


Highlighting the Tri-Valley's diversity

Last Thursday at noon two events offered proof to just how diverse the Tri-Valley area has become over the last decade. Alameda County Supervisor David Haubert,...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on May. 13, 2021
Last comment by DKHSK, on May 17, 2021 at 6:50 pm | 11 comments | 4801 Views


Big news for Unchained Labs in Pleasanton

Pleasanton-based Unchained Labs broke major news Monday when it announced it had been acquired by The Carlyle Group for $435 million. Carlyle partnered with Unchained...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Apr. 27, 2021
There are no comments yet. 4798 Views


Expect next year's district attorney campaign to draw national interest

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s decision not to seek re-election for a fourth term next year likely will put the county in the spotlight...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Jun. 8, 2021
Last comment by MG, on Jun 9, 2021 at 10:22 am | 2 comments | 4770 Views


When heroes organize

Throughout the COVID pandemic health care workers have been called heroes. There were stories written about them in the paper, there were signs posted in yards thanking...

Original post made by Monith Ilavarasan on Apr. 27, 2022
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Another innovative Tri-Valley firm lands angel funding

The innovative companies that are being birthed here in the Tri-Valley continue to fascinate me. One of the latest is illumy, based in San Ramon. Its cloud-based...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Apr. 13, 2021
Last comment by McMadilyn, on Apr 28, 2021 at 5:17 am | 2 comments | 4738 Views


10x Genomics releases its campus plans

Rapidly growing 10x Genomics continues to expand its footprint in Pleasanton. The company formally announced its acquisition of the former JCPenney Home Store...

Original post made by Tim Hunt on Mar. 9, 2021
Last comment by Kevin, on Mar 9, 2021 at 8:07 pm | 1 comment | 4736 Views
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