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Tarey (Terry) Joann Thornburg
May 2, 1949-Jan. 14, 2016
Aurora, Colorado

Submitted by Susan M Nerton

Tarey Joann Thornburg, a resident of Aurora, CO for the past 30+ years passed away January 14, 2016 at the Denver Hospice Impatient Care Center. Her dear friend, Denise (Dee) Strothmann, also of Aurora, was by her side. Surgery in the previous month did not slow the aggressive cancer with which she was diagnosed in December. Tarey went to Colorado to work for the Channel 2 television station as a station programmer, and then worked as a dispatcher for a trucking firm. There were many hours spent on the phone with Tarey “catching up” with friends in California: Meridyth Noble, Susan Nerton and her mom, Florence and brother, Roger, and many others. This remembrance is for those of us who knew Tarey in Colorado but are curious about her time in California, 1956-1968. I have it on good authority that Tarey arrived in Pleasanton in 1956 and attended Alisal Elementary School from second to fourth grades. Meridyth (Merilou) Noble remembers that first bus ride to Alisal Elementary School; this wide-eyed, little brunette introduced herself asking Merilou if she wanted to sit with her on the bus. I’ll bet Doug Amis and Jack Friedman remember those days at Alisal Elementary. My friendship with Tarey began in Pleasanton, CA, 1959. I met Tarey at the Presbyterian Church Wednesday Fellowship gathering. We met in the choir; I remember she could sing and I just pretended. She just walked right up to me and asked my name, so confident. We did more talking than singing. Pleasanton Elementary School was kindergarten-eighth grades; Tarey’s fifth through eighth grades were spent there. In 1963 it was off to Amador Valley High School. Tarey was a Forty-Niner Majorette which involved weekly classes in Palo Alto in preparation for the games. This was considered quite exotic and very glamourous at the time. I tagged along for a few of these classes; she was really good! Tarey was in the Amador High School Marching Band as a majorette, and had many friends and fond memories of band trips: most notably annual trip to Disneyland to perform. Tarey lived with her father and mother, Dr David and Mrs Mary Thornburg in Castlewood. Her parents were very welcoming of her friends and there were some terrific parties up at Tarey’s house; how could you miss with a pool? Tarey loved Barbra Streisand recordings, Shirley Temple movies, and the Allan Sherman tune, “ Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jjiWS__Mp0) Tarey also loved Helen Hinkle who was a great friend and advisor. The purpose of this remembrance is to remind her friends of how much she loved you. Although she wasn’t much for face-to-face visits, she sure knew how to use the phone! Throughout her life she made her own decisions and took responsibility for those decisions. Tarey was preceded in death by her mother and father. She is survived by her step-mother, Susie, and step-siblings: Stacy, Frank(ie) and Vance. So, if you knew Tarey, let your memories return to the happy times you spent with her. She kept us all in that big heart of hers. XO, Su

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