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Bonilla, Buchanan debate at State Senate candidate forum

Original post made on Jan 22, 2015

Two Democrats hoping to become the region's next state senator shared their views on key topics while making their cases to constituents in their party during a public forum Monday night in Dublin.

Read the full story here Web Link posted Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 9:05 PM

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Posted by Harald Paul Arthur Balle
a resident of Alamo
on Jan 22, 2015 at 4:34 pm

Many thanks to Joan Buchanan for bringing her independence from Contra Costa politics and commitment to our region's will and interest to our state district senate race.


Posted by Leslie
a resident of San Ramon
on Jan 22, 2015 at 6:38 pm

I had a very unpleasant experience with Susan Bonilla a few years ago when she was on the Board of Supervisor's. She was extremely arrogant, rude and patronizing. Her ability to interact with those who have a difference of opinion is definitely lacking. Her conduct to me and several others was abusive and demeaning. I am surprised that she keeps getting voted in. She does not have my vote.

Posted by Matty
a resident of Danville
on Jan 22, 2015 at 7:40 pm

Repeated from my post on the earlier Buchanan announcement... why...because it needs to be... VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE

Buchanan is a career politician and opportunist trying to resurrect that "career". Term limits finally work to get someone out, but now she's back. Will never trust her since her role in the SRVUSD school bus program shenanigans where she and others on the Board at the time "cooked the books" in the presentation to the public to kill the old program. It only showed the cost structure for buying all NEW buses rather than incorporate any of the perfectly functioning buses that were already in use with MUCH lower maintenance/operations costs. They offered to keep it, but only if its users paid 4X what they paid before. When not enough were willing, they killed the program. Then we needed a NEW tax to bring the program back a few years later. And so much for her constituency... she always tried to upgrade her then-current elected position into a higher one mid-term when ANY higher office opportunity arose. While that may be commendable and deemed ambitious in the corporate/private sector, it is truly disingenuous in the public service sector where you represent the people who voted for you to do THAT job for the term of it. Vote for ANYONE else...regardless of party...

Posted by JRM
a resident of Danville
on Jan 23, 2015 at 10:48 pm

Matty , sounds like the bus thing was very impactful and has had a lingering impact on you. Can you tell us more about the ultimate effect on your family transportation? I would like to better understand your fervent emotion on this.

Posted by Matty
a resident of Danville
on Jan 25, 2015 at 9:51 pm

JRM - yes, the bus thing did piss me off...especially when they (yes, she wasn't alone) were called out on it at the meeting, brushed it off with bullsh*t that only brand new buses could be considered for continuation of the program, and they still did what they wanted. But this is just one example of her politics. Obfuscate information, present it as the true state of affairs, and then just override all concerns when the power to do so is in hand. I believe it is a great example since it is a non-partisan subject. And then it became a special tax a few years later that everyone should be bent about. I have plenty of partisan reasons to vote against her as well. The real problem with her is that she is less interested in serving her current constituents than climbing the ladder mid-term. She tried to do this multiple times...and very publicly. Why trust her? Why place your vote with her?

Posted by Herman Glates
a resident of Danville
on Jan 26, 2015 at 3:20 pm

Herman Glates is a registered user.

Bonilla and Buchanan both want to increase taxes. What a surprise.

Does anyone know which state has the highest taxes?

I'll give you a hint. It has the best weather. And a lot of Democrats.

Posted by Conservator
a resident of Danville
on Jan 26, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Jersey has the best weather???

Worst States for Property Taxes

The Tax Foundation found that homeowners in these states paid the most in property taxes compared to home value. The percentages represent the percentage of home value that homeowners pay in property taxes.

New Jersey - 1.89%
New Hampshire - 1.86%
Texas - 1.81%
Wisconsin - 1.76%
Nebraska - 1.70%
Illinois - 1.73%
Connecticut - 1.63%
Michigan - 1.62%
Vermont - 1.59%
North Dakota - 1.42%

Source: Web Link

Posted by Herman Glates
a resident of Danville
on Jan 27, 2015 at 7:26 am

Herman Glates is a registered user.

In addition to property tax, you forgot about income tax, sales tax, fuel tax, estate tax, the new carbon tax, and dozens of other fees, mandates and other government exactions.

Don’t worry, using Google isn’t easy at first. But you’ll get the hang of it. Keep trying. I’m rooting for you.

Posted by Conservator
a resident of Danville
on Jan 27, 2015 at 4:10 pm

Dear Herman (ergo spcwt),

You are too kind to root. You forgot to mention the parcel tax that may be found on this website (Web Link - Google not needed.

Posted by Herman Glates
a resident of Danville
on Jan 28, 2015 at 10:51 am

A parcel tax is a property tax. Sorry. But thanks for playing.

I actually don’t mind paying parcel taxes. I like SRVSD. I think SRVSD teachers are underpaid. And I like my kids to go to schools that look nice.

What I don’t like is paying taxes to Sacramento because they dole the money out to their political cronies and waste it needlessly.

Politicians like Bonilla and Buchanan need to work on fixing Sacramento politics before reaching yet again into taxpayers’ pockets.

Posted by Conservator
a resident of Danville
on Jan 28, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Gee Herman (ergo…), you don't need to apologize. But, are you having trouble with your Google machine??? You're usually the head of the class on these aspects. I guess to be 'sporty', your serve messier.

Try this for a refresher (Web Link "A parcel tax is different than a traditional ad valorem property tax, in that it is imposed by local government on a per-parcel basis."

What is the term I suspect that you likely use often at the office…"res ipsa loquitur"???

Posted by Herman Glates
a resident of Danville
on Jan 29, 2015 at 8:33 am

You used Google to help you understand the differences between different types of property taxes. Congratulations. You should be proud of yourself.

Now I’m going to try to help you take the next step. A parcel tax is a tax on a parcel of land. Land is property. Thus, a parcel tax is a property tax. Yes, a parcel tax is imposed in a different manner than other types of property taxes. So what? That doesn’t change the nature of the tax. It is still a property tax. Get it?

Why are we nitpicking about this? The point of this article is to tell everyone about the two liberal Democrats, Bonilla and Buchanan, who are running for state senate. The point of my writing on this website is to expose liberals as complete losers.

So, unless you have something to say about that, I think we’re done here.

Posted by Conservator
a resident of Danville
on Jan 29, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Dear Herman,

While I am actually quite proud of myself, let me state that I am also really very proud of you. While your regular dissertation is intriguing and consistent for which you should be acknowledged, I think that you confuse the mere aspect of money coming from your wallet as solely a tax. Unless, I suspect that you are able to get philanthropic accolades for your grand societal contributions (e.g. honorary naming in public locations, etc.). Perhaps, one never knows.

You know there was a great capitalist and ruthlessly barbaric industrialist (so much so he was nearly assassinated in his office those angered by his business practices) who set about to collect one of the world's greatest art collections. For those of a certain ilk and constitution, it's surely an inspirational rags-to-riches story. See, he used the funds taken from his incredible ability to make money, give little of it to the underlings who worked for him, benefited from a relatively disassociated boss (one of the richest men in the world at the time), had a great banker (i.e. Morgan something or other) to then amass a great collection of art that could one day be enjoyed by the upper bourgeois and aristocracy in future years. You know, I think you would see eye-to-eye with the fellow. You should look up his memoirs (and, no, this is not a Charles Dickens Christmas classic). Much better then reading any Machiavellian knock-off text. Well, his name was Henry Clay Frick. Some say he was a real "….." As Paul Harvey used to end his priceless commentaries, "...and now you know the rest of the story." Do you get it?

Don't worry, whatever you think of those with an opposing view, I'm fairly sure that an equal and opposite reaction occurs on the other side of the aisle so as to keep a proper balance of all things.

Posted by Matty
a resident of Danville
on Jan 31, 2015 at 2:28 am

Conservator - CA "ad valorem" property taxes are held to under 1% of value by law (Prop 13) since 1978... and then increases (while you own it) are indexed to inflation maxxing out at 2%/year. If they weren't, then every time there is a spike in values (i.e. often in Danville), you'd be paying a boatload of yearly taxes and many retired/fixed or lower income earners would eventually be forced to sell their house to realize the value or take a 2nd mortgage against the equity and go further in debt just to pay Sacramento/your County/your City/your schools/etc. This is why all "parcel" or other taxes that show up as additional line items on our Prop Tax bill are carefully crafted to not be ad valorem taxes to stay within the law...but make no mistake, they ARE property taxes per Herman's posts. If those additional taxes (averaged across the state, since they differ by county/city/school district/etc) aren't included in the statistics you cite, they are clearly misleading.

Posted by Bob
a resident of Blackhawk
on Feb 16, 2015 at 9:49 am

It's hard to tell these two liberals apart. Vote for Steve Glazer if you want something other than a bought and paid for labor liberal.

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