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SRVUSD: Resident challenges postponement of in-person learning, alleges Brown Act violation

Original post made on Jan 12, 2021

The San Ramon Valley school board is set Tuesday to discuss an allegation it violated state public meeting laws after a resident accused the board of skirting the Brown Act by failing to adequately give notice to the community...

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Posted by kghantous
a resident of San Ramon
on Jan 12, 2021 at 7:08 am

kghantous is a registered user.

The San Ramon Unified School District (SRUVSD) has made Herculean efforts to survey and accomplish the desires of parents who quite frankly cannot grasp the reality of this pandemic. These poor administrators and Board members have spent months exhausting themselves with extraordinary patience trying to come up with a plan to get us all back in school while navigating the reality that 600,000 Americans or more are expected to die from this deadly virus by Spring. The parents screaming to take off the parachute don’t comprehend the realities of what they really means to Contra Costa County because all they feel is their own personal frustration. Unfortunately, the Board and the parents gunning for them are not experts in global pandemics and have no choice but to abide by the dictates of science and thank God they ultimately made the only decision that keeps our community safe.

Thank you SRVUSD and please know that there are many parents who support your decision and who do not need to see the bodies splattered on the ground to know that the parachute is working !

Posted by H
a resident of San Ramon Valley High School
on Jan 12, 2021 at 7:58 am

H is a registered user.

@kghantous your comment makes no sense. If the effort is valid, why did SRVUSD need to violate the Brown Act to deny the hybrid reopening? The vote was unanimous, if there was no problem with the vote and everyone is comfortable with the decision, why not just put proper notice in the agenda and re-vote at tonights board meeting? The reason is simple. John Malloy and the Board of Education have been dishonest with their intentions to reopen schools since Summer. It's clear that John Malloy was brought in to lie to the community with meeting after meeting of reassurances only to pull the rug out at the last second. He has directly LIED to the community twice now about school reopening and other related issues. Why should anyone trust John Malloy ever again with anything?

Further, schools across the country have been open all year with no ill effect. For one example, schools in Austin Texas have been open since September with ZERO cases of community spreading through contract tracing. Further, Texas is in the process of prioritizing teachers for vaccinations, yet California has completely botched the vaccination rollout to the point where millions of does are going bad in California storage due to lack of preparation.

More to that point, how many people 0-18 have died of COVID-19 in California? ZERO!! The above poster using hyperbole of "bodies splattered on the ground" is nothing but disingenuous fear mongering. The plan is for HYBRID education where most at-risk people can remain at home where health kids can go to school which - again - has been proven safe not only in Texas, but Florida, Massachusetts, Germany, Sweden, basically the whole world.

Finally, the above poster clearly doesn't care about the actual dead students in San Ramon who have taken their own lives. How many children in SRVUSD have taken their own lives since the beginning of this unnecessary isolation? Where is the above posters sympathy for thee kids that have *actually* died? How terrible and disingenuous is it to take about saving children from an unleathel in their age group COVID-19 by sacrificing the lives of the children suffering with mental health issues? It's not right and it seems downright selfish to ignore kids actually dying to protect kids from a disease that when infected, they often don't even get symptoms!!!!

The above poster trying to impose her unreasonable fear on the community around her is frankly wrong. We live in a society of free choices. She is more than welcome to cower in fear at home for time immemorial. The rest of us however, are ready to move on with our lives. As such, we are done with SRVUSD's lies and deceptions to appease the unreasonable worldview of the people like the above commenter at the expense of our children's education and emotional future.

Posted by TAD
a resident of Danville
on Jan 12, 2021 at 5:33 pm

TAD is a registered user.

kghantous, great post. Right on the facts.

I strongly disagree with H. I have a six year old in SRVUSD and yes, it has been frustrating with the District's stops and starts and I empathize with parents. Anyone with half a brain however knew the COVID situation was not going to get better (not going away like a miracle), statistically, and in the absence of a widely distributed vaccine it just gets worse and worse. We had originally signed up for flex and then rescinded it realizing more infections were inevitable. Unfortunately, H (above) suggests that the implications of in-class schooling right now has no real impact on COVID deaths. That's simply because he/she is failing to consider the downside implications of having large numbers of persons (albeit children) in contact with one another spreading the virus. While the virus may present as non-fatal or even non-symptomatic to persons under 18, the children will certainly carry the virus home and to everyone else with whom they come in contact. Most of those folks being in the vulnerable age brackets. This isn't about "personal choice" it's about public health. Just because we live in the privileged Danville/San Ramon cultural bubble doesn't mean we are exempt from science or responsibility to the rest of the public.

By the way, statewide suicide deaths were down by 27% from 2019 (4/2019 to 10/2019) and (4/2020 to 10/2020) per the California Department of Health. I'd appreciate H telling us how many SRVUSD suicides there were and the increase decrease with with 2019. All H does is ask the question to stoke fear as if the answer was obvious. Also, suicides in Contra Costa County from March 2020 to November 2020 totaled 38, for the same period in 2019 it was 52, resulting in a decrease of 26%. While this is the most recent data from the State that is currently available, there is nothing to suggest that the trend reverses including the months of December 2020/2019. And given the very low number in total I seems counterintuitive to think that any age group has shifted its rates materially.

It's pretty clear the author (H) above wishes to stoke fear to support the argument for personal choice. I hear the same arguments of "essential" businesses versus "non-essential" or outdoor dining bans for that matter. Personal choice when it involves risky behavior becomes very limited during worldwide health crisis. Frankly, I am sick of everyone whining about it. It is what is, and will continue to get worse until a vaccine has been distributed to 70%+ of the population. Yes, EVERYONE has fatigue from this, but let's not try to stoke fear with the worries of unknowns when we can see that California COVID death totals 31K today with a geometric growth rate. We'd be silly to think this will change anytime before Summer.
Finally, as for the alleged Brown Act violation, whether it's true or not, it makes no difference. The Superintendent and Board will do what they believe is right as advised by public health professionals. Suing them won't change a thing. Don't like your District Board and Staff, vote them out or run against them.

Posted by H
a resident of San Ramon Valley High School
on Jan 12, 2021 at 5:47 pm

H is a registered user.

TAD saying state law doesn't matter so long as he agrees with the outcome is all one needs to know about his posts. TAD also is completely ignoring the data from in-person education not only in other states but in day care centers that are located on SRVUSD campuses. Does he even recognize that large groups of kids are in daycare across the county with no ill effect. But, folks like TAD don't care because people like him want to force their authoritarian agenda on the rest of us.

Frankly, ignorant statements that ignore facts like TAD here does is exactly why kids are not in school. If TAD wants to keep is kids out of school for the rest of time and homeschool, he is more than welcome to do so. But, he had no right to force his outlandish viewpoints on others.

TAD why are schools successfully open FULLTIME in other states but it's not safe here? Explain that one.

Posted by Coach
a resident of San Ramon
on Jan 12, 2021 at 8:38 pm

Coach is a registered user.

Just want to make a correction to H's claim that no one under 18 in California has died due to COVID-19. First one died in Madera this August. Many more have followed, and I can't imagine the pain of those parents.

I do hear the frustration of this parent H who wants his/her student back in school, but instead of characterizing the superintendent as a liar, it would be more accurate, and civil, to concede he is listening to the advice of the state and county. With ICU capacity well under 15%, and the majority of cases spread by persons between 15-29, it is reasonable to delay the re-opening of schools while we are in the purple tier.

I hope we will vaccinate teachers of K-6 students ASAP so those students can begin to catch up with their studies. Learning to read should not be delayed, but this is a different order of magnitude in comparison to middle and high school students who can navigate much of their studies via online course content.

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