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What a Week: Why no endorsements

Original post made on May 27, 2022

You may have noticed our editorial board has not issued endorsements ahead of this primary election. I know some candidates have certainly noticed. Since I've explained to some, I figured only fair to share with all of our readers...

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Posted by Jennifer
a resident of Danville
on May 27, 2022 at 10:14 am

Jennifer is a registered user.

I like it when there is no endorsement. Why? I don't need to know where others stand politically, nor do I need someone telling me how to vote.

Posted by D
a resident of Danville
on May 27, 2022 at 3:28 pm

D is a registered user.

It is amusing that you think voters in the Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton area are influenced by your "editorial board"'s recommendation on voting. Recent studies have shown that over 92% of "journalists" are registered Democrats and hardly the neutral, objective entity of days past. Voters in our local town and surrounding cities tend to be highly educated, intelligent,professional individuals,who support family values and law and order, and who do not need "journalists" help in voting. If undecided on an issue, we may look to the local Chamber of Commerce for a recommendation, or who our Mayor and local Towncouncil members are endorsing, but getting advice on an election from a "journalist" is no different than simply following the Democratic parties endorsed candidate.

Posted by Birkman Tillary
a resident of Walnut Creek
on May 28, 2022 at 9:31 am

Birkman Tillary is a registered user.

I agree with D on his views; especially his point about the influence of “editorial boards.”

As for my view, this article produced by Walsh appears to be nothing more than self-promotion; especially the part about how the “board” must reach a consensus. I dare say that sounds to me like everybody “board” member better vote the same, or else.

On the other hand, if 92% of journalists are registered Democrats, as D pointed out, the point of reaching consensus then is moot.

Unfortunately, people choose sides based upon politics, rather than the facts. Journalism appears to have traveled the same route.

Instead of reaching a consensus, Jeremy, why don’t you, Gina, and the rest of your troop show how voted individually?

I rest my case.

Posted by Gina M Channell, Publisher
a resident of Danville
on May 28, 2022 at 11:27 am

Gina M Channell, Publisher is a registered user.

@Birkman Tillary
Like every other American citizen, we have the right to keep our votes private.

As to your stat on journalists registered as Democrats, I would like to know who is defining themselves as "journalists." I was taught -- and my mentors demonstrated -- that real professional journalists do nothing that will imply bias. I have never registered as a D, R, I or anything, I don't put campaign signs in my yard, I don't donate to political campaigns (nor does my husband) and I don't publicly take a stance on candidates or ballot measures individually, only as part of the editorial board.

I admit I am an old-school journalist, trained at a large daily in Chicago (a city where the motto is "vote early and often" -- haha), and readers would take any opportunity to discredit our endorsements if we didn't endorse their candidate or agree with their stance on a ballot measure.

I've been called a d*** liberal and I've been called a d*** conservative, a d*** Republican and a d*** Democrat (among other things), so I guess I'm doing a good job of not letting bias show.

The members of our editorial board come from very diverse backgrounds, age groups, etc., and we have had some spirited debates on candidates and measures to endorse.

You might not value our endorsements, but the reason Jeremy wrote this column is because candidates know many others do and expressed disappointment when we told them we were not doing interviews or endorsements for the primary.

Thank you for reading.

Posted by Birkman Tillary
a resident of Walnut Creek
on May 28, 2022 at 10:30 pm

Birkman Tillary is a registered user.

@ Gina,

Just to get some unpleasantness out of the way, I never stated 92% of journalists were registered Democrats. I said IF, not IS. Take a stroll up the commenter block and you will find that the commenter “D” said that, not me.

Now, onto the current state of affairs regarding journalism, and how the public views your trade. You can’t deny, Gina, that your profession has taken a hit, a huge hit in the ratings game. Politics has taken over integrity. Bias shown by CNN, FOX, and MSNBC is at an all time high. Factual reporting has taken a back seat to fake news. So, what happened? How did we get here? You tell me?

Diverse backgrounds of journalists regarding age, ethnicity, sex, etc., mean nothing if they can’t keep politics out of honest reporting. I could cite one incident after another where political bias was shown; especially over the last two years.

I use to put journalists right up there with doctors, cops, pilots,lawyers, etc. Not anymore. A once proud profession has descended into nothing more than tribalism.

Thank you for sharing your apparent frustration with name callers and the like. Not much fun. And I’m sure there are journalists out there with integrity. However, until your profession cleans house, people will continue to doubt what they hear. I will day though, Chris Cuomo was a good start!

Posted by Gina M Channell, Publisher
a resident of Danville
on May 28, 2022 at 11:45 pm

Gina M Channell, Publisher is a registered user.

@Birkman Tillary, I agree, and I will tell you how I think we got here.

The state of news media is far from what it should be. Personally I think cable news and the "confirmation bias" era was the beginning of the end.

When I asked about who was considered "journalists," I asked because the profession of journalism has become bastardized, with a lack of news literacy and critical thinking. People were conditioned to trust journalists -- and then hucksters who had their own agendas started peddling opinion as news and, people conditioned to trust "the news," fell hook, line and sinker.

Cable news fed the masses that didn't want to hear an opinion that differed from their own, which demolished the principles of critical thinking. For some, when confronted with something that goes against their belief of how the world works, they refuse it and, basically, shout it down.
To be able to make an educated decision or statement, one must be able to consider all facts, construe a logical conclusion and (this is key) be able to defend it in a logical manner.

This does not happen and has not happened for many years. Defense of a position is emotional, not logical.

Many people cling to political parties, divisive ideology and confirmation bias.

For old-school journalists like me & Jeremy who try to do the right thing, the organizations peddling opinion as news (and you know local examples of this), and organizations that would like to do the right thing but don't have the experienced staff to do it (and you know local examples of this), it is beyond frustrating.

We know we are being lumped in with these organizations and I have said publicly they are doing professional news organizations like ours severe damage.

Part of the problem is journalists like us get frustrated, throw up our hands and go to the "dark side" -- public relations. Did you know there is an 8 to 1 ratio of PR people to journalists? Think about that.

Posted by Birkman Tillary
a resident of Walnut Creek
on May 29, 2022 at 8:49 am

Birkman Tillary is a registered user.

@ Gina

Interesting perspective. I do agree with you on the many points you made. Hopefully, at some point, the pendulum will swing back the other way, and faith in responsible journalism will be restored.

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