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Employer Hasn't Paid In WEEKS! Please HELP!

Original post made by Friend In Need, Danville, on Apr 23, 2009


My friend works for a pathetic shop in Danville, CA. The owner basically "fell into" the company due to family wealth, but has since run it into the ground, foreclosed on his home, and now makes excuses as to why he can't cut his employees' checks.

Although I've advised my friend to file a wage claim and document everything, she's naive and hesitant to take action. A less-caring person would say, "too bad, she's grown and should take care of herself," but I know this businessman will attempt to sucker, I mean, hire other innocent people and the fact that he's evading taxes by not paying on-time is sickening!

My question is - how can I report him as a third-party/anonymously, and who do I contact?

I appreciate ANY help or advice. If you do not wish to comment here, please email "[email protected]". Thank you.


Posted by Community courtesy
a resident of another community
on Apr 23, 2009 at 8:22 am

Dear Dolores,

California State Fair Employment and Housing Commission, Web Link provides a telephone number for reporting abuses. The Oakland office is convenient to BART for any formal reporting.

Hal, as a community courtesy