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San Ramon: Mayoral candidate fends off attacks after staying away from forum

Original post made on Oct 8, 2020

A candidate for mayor of San Ramon is taking criticism for declining to take part in an election forum sponsored by a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group over what he called "anti-Semitic positions" taken by the national group.

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Posted by a human
a resident of San Ramon
on Oct 8, 2020 at 6:26 pm

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I'm not surprised that this organization (CAIR) categorizes legitimate criticisms as 'Islamophobia', and tries to bully folks into silence. Apparently we are to believe that the nasty things they say about Israel are never anti-Semitic, but of course any criticism of CAIR is always Islamophobic.

It's funny that the country they love to hate (Israel) happens to be one of only two countries in the Middle East that is a democracy (the other being Lebanon, which is in a mess). Though issues exist, most Arabs living in Israel have a positive opinion about it. Arab countries in the region are warming up to Israel and criticizing the Palestinian leadership for failures in reaching settlements. CAIR needs to focus on legitimate issues, instead of name calling.

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Posted by Herman Glates
a resident of Danville
on Oct 9, 2020 at 8:12 am

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Kazmi attacks Sethy saying, “he made his intent to divide voters based on bigotry.”

In fact, that is what Kazmi is doing by baselessly accusing Sethy of bigotry.

Why would Kazmi make these false accusations? If you know Kazmi’s background, it becomes clear.

On CAIR’s website, Kazmi says she “applies a lens of race and social justice” to her work.

It says Kazmi earned her undergraduate degree in Gender and Women’s Studies: including a focus on community organizing in the context of local housing justice and national Occupy Wall Street movements.

People like Kazmi should not be allowed to try to destroy people’s careers by falsely accusing people of bigotry, racism, or worse.

Shame on this newspaper for giving people like Kazmi a platform to spread lies.

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Posted by akhalil
a resident of San Ramon
on Oct 24, 2020 at 6:38 pm

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As far as I can see Sanat did his research. Good to see that he did distance himself from such anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups.

First why are highly divisive national religious-political groups involving themselves in local city elections? Candidates should not feel compelled to indulge such groups which have no bearings at the local level.

Muslims are an important minority voice like others in San Ramon and deserve to be heard, not hijacked by CAIR.

CAIR and JVP are fringe groups who freely throw out words such as Islamophobia or bigotry when someone doesn’t believe in their views. Ironically, CAIR, in particular, is dangerously silent on its own bigotry.

Below are court case details CAIR is facing here in California showing mysogynistic, bigoted practices towards women and non-Muslims. They are being accused of discrimination based on religion, gender, age, and political views. This should raise eyebrows for everyone.
Web Link

Details of the lawsuit are below where Billoo is specifically mentioned for her anti-American behavior (for example, she removed all American flags on display in CAIR offices because she deemed them to be offensive).
Web Link

Here is also another lawsuit which resulted in CAIR being kicked out of the San Diego Unified School district for a discriminatory and unconstitutional program in its schools.
Web Link

Jewish Voice for Peace is also a fringe group which represents a small sliver of the Jewish community. The Boston Globe’s article outlines how they are apologists for terrorism and anti-Israel.
Web Link

San Ramon voters need to do the proper research on the groups funding, peddling and attempting to influence our local elections. We and our candidates should demand that religious global politics be kept out of it. This newspaper could also do a better job to present the true nature and background of these polarizing groups rather than loosely quoting their misguided accusations of bigotry and Islamophobia.