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Danville residents launch petition to impose term limits for Town Council
The time of Danville Town Council members being able to maintain their positions potentially in perpetuity is being challenged... Last comment on Nov 8, 2019 at 10:20 pm | 23 comments

SRVUSD board to talk new administrative appointments
The San Ramon Valley school board is set to have a relatively routine meeting on Tuesday, when district officials meet to... Last comment 20 hours ago | 3 comments

Danville council confirms Magee Preserve election for March 3
The Danville Town Council has officially selected March 3, the statewide primary election, for the Magee Preserve election... Last comment 7 hours ago | 4 comments

San Ramon: Commission set for update on City Center Mixed Use Master Plan
The San Ramon Planning Commission will once again meet to discuss the 4,500-housing unit project proposed by Bishop Ranch... Last comment 3 hours ago | 11 comments


The Good Liar
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The Good Liar At one point in the new thriller "The Good Liar," a character sees a pond and remarks, with a slight, smug smile, "Be careful. It's deeper than it looks." The line is meant as a commentary on character and also a literary self congratulation. And tha...... Read the full review

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