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"Mark Madsen returns to SRVHS"
San Ramon Valley High School basketball alum Mark Madsen (Class of '94), who also starred at Stanford and helped the Lakers win 2 NBA titles, returned to his alma mater Monday night to speak to this year's crop of players and parents at the annual basketball banquet. Mark stressed to the players that as members of a large and close fraternity of SRV players throughout the years, they will come to use many of the lessons they've learned as part of the program. Here Mark mixes with this year's 5 seniors who were honored for their 4 years of playing SRV basketball. (L-R) Griffen Kapulica, Gavin Foltz, Madsen, Clayton Correa, Logan Louks, and Michael Hernbroth. Submitted by Gary Hernbroth on Mar 21, 2012

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Pleasanton: NASA retiree shares life lessons
Donald G. James, a longtime Pleasanton resident who retired from NASA after more than three decades, says manners are more than being polite -- they are "a way to walk in the world with integrity, respect, mindfulness, and compassion." Thursday, 10:08 AM

Tri-Valley theater venues grappling with shutdowns
Entertainment venues have been sadly empty for nine months, Firehouse Arts Center and Bankhead Theater devoid of live performances and patrons. Wednesday, 9:37 PM

New Deal Theater for our new times
When the pandemic struck, Scott Kenison -- recently retired executive director of Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center -- wanted to do something to support artists. So he looked for a play to produce virtually... Monday, 4:41 PM

Review: 'The Web' opens online
"The Web," the first of three one-act plays being presented by the Eugene O'Neill Foundation, premiered last Saturday to an audience enjoying the production from home. Wednesday, 10:36 PM

Little Miss Everything: New book series spotlights Black role models for kids
Former San Ramon resident and entrepreneur Vona Hill recently launched "Little Miss Everything," the first installment of her new children's book series by the same name. Sunday, 3:39 PM

Tri-Valley brothers win for their design in 'Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge'
Two Pleasanton brothers are making a name for themselves in the Big Apple, part of a trio recently announced as winners in the young adult category of "Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge." Monday, 3:25 PM

From a 'desperate' to 'respectable' town; Pleasanton's mythologized Wild West history
Before it was home to the Alameda County Fairgrounds, Safeway headquarters and more than 80,000 Bay Area residents, the city of Pleasanton was a Gold Rush stopover rife with bandits and cattle, set amongst a grove of sycamore trees. Monday, 10:33 PM

Valley Views: 'King Lear' -- a gift when we need it
I can only imagine the myriad decisions the director must have made for this online production, but the result was spectacular. It is hard to believe that such a sad, bloody tale can be such a gift at this time -- but it is! Monday, 1:23 PM

'Death Blood 4': Pleasanton stars in campy horror film
The newly released film "Death Blood 4" is ultra-camp, and it's fun as well as being bloody. But strikingly, the sci-fi B-movie pays homage to Pleasanton, filmed almost entirely here and including highlights of downtown favorites. Monday, 3:59 PM

San Ramon's StoryWalk will let families read while venturing park
The City of San Ramon is officially installing a StoryWalk, an interactive storybook project, in Central Park. Sunday, 5:37 PM

'The Ballad of Don Lewis' -- pulling out all the stops
After more than a decade of filming, friendship and hard work, "The Ballad of Don Lewis: The Untold Story of a Synthesizer Pioneer" has been released. Sunday, 4:19 PM

'Death in the Holler' -- Livermore author's new whodunit
Looking for change of scenery? Consider a trip to Kentucky to solve the "Death in the Holler" along with Game Warden Luke Ryder & Sheriff Jim Pike. The mystery novel, written by John G. Bluck of Livermore, was released on Monday. Monday, 1:31 PM


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